Reservations limited !! 21 o'clock or later deals second party course 2.0h all-you-can-drink with 4000 yen ⇒2980 yen

2980 yen

With a 2-hour all-you-can-drink

2 hotels first is use the best !! other hotels you think of the secretary like a must-see until the last train to in the second meeting of the time after determined by the lantern ☆ 21 ♪


■ of green and yellow vegetables Bagna cauda

■ canapes two Assorted

■ sausage platter

■ shrimp frit tartar sauce of

☆ choose deadline pasta

Below, please choose from among the three types.

- Penne arrabiata

Of Bacon and zucchini Penne

Salmon and mushroom cream penne

※ It is also can be changed to spaghetti.

Cooking 5 dishes + all-you-can-drink for two hours

※ The content of the dishes are subject to change depending on the season and stock.

Things can not eat, please feel free to contact us, such as weak ones.